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Yices 1 is no longer maintained. You can still download it and use it, but we do not provide support for Yices 1.

Our more recent Yices 2 solver is here

Download Yices 1

Yices is distributed as a free binary. The distribution includes a standalone executable and a library that can be used in other applications. We do not currently provide source. Here are the license terms. If you would like to discuss alternative license terms, contact fm-licensing@csl.sri.com

The last release is Yices 1.0.40 (released December 4, 2013)

Yices uses the GNU Multiprecision library (GMP). GMP version 5.0.0 or more recent is required.

Main Distributions

The following tarfiles and ZIP files include the Yices executable and libraries, statically linked against GMP. If you want a version dynamically linked against GMP or if you have a different platform or operating system, check the full distribution list.

Other distributions can be downloaded here

Download and Installation

To download and install yices:

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