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Yices 1 is no longer maintained. You can still download it and use it, but we do not provide support for Yices 1.

Our more recent Yices 2 solver is here

Download Yices 1

We distribute Yices 1 for a variety of platform and operating systems. All versions depend on the GNU Multiprecision library (GMP).

All distributions below include a standalone Yices executable and the Yices libraries. We do not currently provide source. If you would like to discuss alternative license terms, contact fm-licensing@csl.sri.com

The last release is Yices 1.0.40 (released December 4, 2013)

Yices with GMP statically linked

The following distributions are statically linked against GMP.

Yices with GMP dynamically linked

To use the following distributions, you must have GMP installed on your machine as a dynamically loadable library.

How to get GMP

GMP can be installed easily on many Linux distributions using package managers. For example, on an Ubuntu distribution:

   sudo apt-get install libgmp-dev
Important: since Yices 1.0.34, (released February 24, 2012), GMP 5.0.0, or more recent is required to use Yices.

On Cygwin, you can download and install a precompiled version of GMP by using the setup.exe utility.

Alternatively, you can download, compile, and install GMP yourself. The GMP source code can be downloaded at http://gmplib.org/

When building GMP from source on Cygwin or Mingw, make sure to configure GMP to compile as a DLL, by givein option --enable-shared to GMP's configure script.

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