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The Yices SMT Solver

Yices 2 is an efficient SMT solver that decides the satisfiability of formulas containing uninterpreted function symbols with equality, linear real and integer arithmetic, bitvectors, scalar types, and tuples.

Yices 2 can process input written in the SMT-LIB notation (both version 2.0 and 1.2 are supported).

Alternatively, you can write specifications using Yices 2's own specification language, which includes tuples and scalar types.

Yices 2 can also be used as a library in other software.

Yices is available as a free binary download for many platforms; we do not currently provide source. Here are the license terms; if you would like to discuss alternative license terms, please contact fm-licensing@csl.sri.com.

Our older solver Yices 1 is no longer maintained. But you can still download it here and the old documentation is here

Yices is one of the SRI FormalWare tools.

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