Version Information

The following macros are defined in yices.h. They can be used at compile time for checking the Yices version.


Version number


Revision number


Patch level

For Yices 2.5.0, they are defined as follows:

#define __YICES_VERSION            2
#define __YICES_VERSION_MAJOR      5

The same information is available in the following constant string.

const char* yices_version

Version as a string.

The string includes the version number, followed by the revision number and the patch level, as in "2.5.0".

More details are given by three constant strings:

const char* yices_build_arch

Build architecture.

This is a string like "x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu" that specifies the processor and operating system for which the Yices library was built.

const char* yices_build_mode

Build mode.

Typical values are "release" for a normal build, or "debug" if the library was built with debug symbols.

const char* yices_build_date

Build date.

This string uses the format "Year-Month-Day", as in "2015-12-11".