Global Initialization and Cleanup

void yices_init(void)

Global initialization.

This function must be called before anything else to initialize Yices’s internal data structures.

void yices_exit(void)

Global cleanup.

This function deletes all internal data structures allocated by Yices (including all contexts, models, configuration and parameter records). It must be called when the API is no longer used to avoid memory leaks.

void yices_reset(void)

Full reset.

This function deletes all the terms and types defined in Yices and resets the symbol tables. It also deletes all contexts, models, configuration descriptors, and other records allocated in Yices.

void yices_free_string(char *s)

Frees a string s returned by Yices.

Several API functions build and return a character string that is allocated by Yices. To avoid memory leaks, this string must be freed when it is no longer used by calling this function.


The strings returned by Yices are not automatically freed by functions yices_exit or yices_reset.